From our parishes, we wish to congratulate you on your new addition to your family, through baptism it is our privilege to initiate your child into the family of the Church.

Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit (vitae spiritualis ianua), and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission: “Baptism is the sacrament of regeneration through water in the word.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1213)

Requirements for Baptism

  • The parents are asked during the baptism if they are willing to accept the responsibility of training their child in the practice of the faith. This means it is their duty to bring him (her) up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor. When the priest poses this question to the parents the parents should be able to respond truthfully and honestly. This means that they make a commitment to their child and to God that they will God to Mass every Sunday and practice the teachings of Christ’s Church. Parents are the primary teachers of the faith to their children, this is done by both word and action.
  • Please contact the parish office so that we can receive your information. If you are not a member of our parishes please register, if you are already a member, please update your information with us. The secretary will put you in contact with the priest who will then schedule the baptism with you.
  • If this is your first child to be baptized then you will need to schedule a time with the priest for a class on baptism.

Godparents; Requirements for

  • Only one godfather or one godmother or one of each (Canon 873).
  • To help the baptized person, together with the parents, lead a Christian life in harmony with baptism, and to fulfill faithfully the obligations connected with it. (Canon 872).
    • A mature Catholic who will establish a lifelong faith relationship and be willing to walk with the child in their faith journey.
    • A Catholic role model for the child.
  • A Catholic who is at least 16 years old (Canon 874, §1, 2°) and has received already the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Sacrament of the Eucharist and who leads a life in
    harmony with the faith in keeping with the role to be undertaken (Canon 874, §1, 3°) and is not bound by any canonical penalty (Canon 874, §1, 4°)
    • That is to say he or she ought to be a practicing Catholic who attends Mass regularly, participates in the sacramental life of the Church, and is part of the life of a Catholic parish community.
    • If the Godparent is married, the marriage must be a valid and recognized marriage in the Catholic Church.
  • Cannot be the father or mother of the one to be baptized (Canon 874, §1, 5°).
  • Only with a Catholic Godparent can a baptized, non-Catholic person serve as a Christian witness of the baptism (Canon 874, §2).
  • A Catholic who lacks the requirements to be a Godparent or a Catholic who is now practicing a non-Catholic faith cannot serve as a Christian witness.
  • A baptismal certificate of the godparents needs to be sent to our parish offices