Tri Parish Prayer Network: Prayer Requests

Tri Parish Prayer Network: If you know someone in need of prayers or would like to participate in the prayer network please contact:
Diane Kieffer 320-355-2178
Colleen Kasella 320-355-2733
Linda Zimmer 320-387-3275
To Request Prayers:
Contact one of the names listed above.

If making a request for an immediate family member, you may use the first and last name and any details you would like included.

For all other requests, details may be given with a headline similar to one of the following:
  • The person may be anonymous
  • A first name
  • A general statement like: a young adult, a newborn infant, etc.
To Become a Member:
Please do one of the following:
  • Please send your email address to Diane Kieffer and let her know you would like to participate.
  • Call one of the contact members and provide your preference of getting notifications
    (e-mail, phone call, or text message).